The Mares in Black are committed to welcoming future generations of model horse enthusiasts into the fold! On this page you will find mentors looking for a mentee and vice-versa. We have organized the list by North American Model Horse Show Association's (NAMHSA) regional breakouts but it's just a guide, you are free to contact anyone on the list. If you are interested in mentoring or finding a mentor, contact us at info@maresinblack.com


Region 1: 

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming

MENTEE: Toni Rakestraw
Location: Region 1, Oregon
Interests: Sculpting, painting, tack making, showing, customizing
email: tonirakestraw@gmail.com
Location: Region 1, Oregon
Interests: Customizing, making tack, photo showing
email: tinjoh@gmail.com
MENTOR: Wendy Ward
Location: Region 1, Albany/Corvallis Area
Expertise: Tack Making, Photo showing, Show-holding
email: wwelektra@yahoo.com
MENTOR: Nelli Lucas
Location: Region 1, Casper, WY
Expertise: Basic collecting, live showing, photo showing, hobby events
email: wyonelli@gmail.com

Region 2: 

California, Hawaii, Mexico and Nevada

MENTEE: Annabelle
Location: Region 2, Los Angeles Metro
Interests: General hobby
For more info: info@maresinblack.com
MENTEE: Cameron Clow
Location: Region 2, Los Angeles
Interests: Sculpting and customizing
For more info: camclow26@gmail.com
MENTEE: Heidi Thornton
Location: Region 2, Sacremento
Interests: Performance Showing
For more info: wickedmal@yahoo.com
MENTEE: Kathi Niles
Location: Region 2, Los Angeles Area
Interests:  judging, customizing, hosting show, performance showing
For more info: katyniles@gmail.com
MENTOR: Susan Hargrove
Location: Region 2, San Marcos Area
Expertise: Performance, Judging with a performance focus
email: scootee2@cox.net
MENTOR: Kristin Arendt 
Location: Region 2, California
Expertise: Judging, halter showing
email: kristin@graessley.net
MENTOR:Meredith Warren
Location: Region 2 So Cal area
Expertise: Finishwork, performance and halter showing, judging with a focus on breed and color correctness
Email: chatnoirartstudios@yahoo.com
MENTEE: Roberto Ramirez
Location: Region 2, SoCal Area
Interests:  Customizing/Painting
email: robtide@gmail.com

Region 3: 

California, Hawaii, Mexico and Nevada

MENTEE: Zoe Marriner
Location: Region 3, New Mexico
Interests: Finishwork, CMing, performance showing, tack & prop making (SM scale)
email: fingersmithery@gmail.com
MENTOR: Heather Malone-Bogle
Location: Region 3, Denver Metro Area
Expertise: Showing, judging, show-holding
ABC Judging Philosophy
email: heathermalone@mac.com

Region 4: 

Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska

Location: Region 4, Lower Minnesota
Interests: Painting, Showing, Sculpting, Tack making, Customizing, and Performance
For more info: info@maresinblack.com
MENTOR & MENTEE: Kate Springer
Location: Region 4, Twin Cities Metro
Expertise: Showing, SM & Micros
Interests: Judging
email: hjdiva@yahoo.com
MENTOR: Juanita Bitter
Location: Region 4
Expertise: Collecting, photo showing, live showing, western performance and some English performance
email: jbitter74@yahoo.com
MENTOR: Kiersten Schmieding
Location: Region 4, Lincoln, NE
Expertise: Showing, collecting & judging
email: serenitybeachstables@gmail.com

Region 5: 

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana

MENTEE: Madison Barber
Location: Region 5, Dallas Area
Interests: Sculpting, showing & customizing
For more info: madisonbarber2005@hotmail.com
MENTEE: Alex Kennedy
Location: Region 5 
Interests: Judging
For more info: alexanderkennedy3020@gmail.com
MENTEE & MENTOR: Summer Simpson
Location: Region 5, Central Louisiana 
Interests: Advanced performance and photo showing
Expertise: Mentoring entry level hobbyists
For more info: ladyhotrod68@gmail.com
MENTOR: Christie Partee
Location: Region 5, DFW Area
Expertise:  performance showing and judging
email: scpartee@aol.com
MENTOR: Tegan Leighton Skaggs
Location: Region 5, North Texas
Expertise: Judging, customizing, collecting
email: northtexaswilds@gmail.com
MENTOR: Randa Garrett
Location: Region 5, Kansas City Area
Expertise: Photo Showing, Performance, Minis, Breed/Color Assignment
email: twinspringsstables@yahoo.com
MENTOR: Chris Flint
Location: Region 5, Oklahoma
Expertise: Painting, sculpting, customizing
email: chrisflint@boshevo.com
MENTOR: Elena Lemm
Location: Region 5, Houston Area
Expertise:  Experienced show holder and judge, live and photo showing, artist
email: ejlemm12@gmail.com
MENTOR: Pam Vigo
Location: Region 3 or 5, El Paso, TX
Expertise: Showing, customizing, fine art
email: silverpickstables@gmail.com

Region 6: 

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina

MENTEE: Wendy Basinger
Location: Region 6, North Carolina
Interests: Sculpting, painting, tack making, showing, customizing *really interested in learning to paint horses*
For more info: akaryu1234@gmail.com
MENTEE: Julia Platt
Location: Region 6
Interests: Painting, customizing
For more info: jjpplatt13@gmail.com
MENTOR: Stephanie Blaylock
Location: Region 6, North Carolina Triad
Expertise: Youth, showing, judging, workmanship, painting, show-holding
email: budnstefb@aol.com
MENTEE: River Fullenwider
Location: Region 6, Charlotte
Interests: Live showing
email: riverfullenwider@gmail.com
MENTOR: Cynthia Wyatt-Briley 
Location: Region 6, North Carolina Triad
Expertise: Painting, customizing, sculpting, showing
email: brstlenose@aol.com
MENTEE: Morgan Johnston
Location: Region 6, Georgia
Expertise: Painting & Customizing
email: momo52599@gmail.com

Region 7: 

Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee

MENTEE: Shannon Call
Location: Region 7, OH
Interests: Performance judging
email: slowe73@hotmail.com
MENTEE: Candice Curtis
Location: Region 7, OH
Interests: OF Breyer judging
email: skipaway2000@gmail.com
MENTOR: Donna McNight
Location: Region 7, Lexington KY
Expertise: Painting, collectibility
email: happyhopperz@gmail.com
MENTOR: Carol Tuft
Location: Reg 7 Knoxville TN
Expertise: OF Plastic, China, Performance
email: ctuft@bellsouth.net
MENTEE: Tiffany Taylor
Location: Region 7, North Central OH
Interests: China: sculpting, casting and glazing
email: tmtiffa@gmail.com

Region 8: 

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri

MENTEE: Samatha Buckert
Location: Region 8, Michigan
Interests: Showing, collecting
email: samantharoseb6397@gmail.com
MENTOR: Tess & Emma Jezek
Location: Region 8, Michigan
Expertise: Showing, judging, customizing, painting, show holding, sewing
email: paintponystudios@gmail.com
MENTEE: Jordan Heaps
Location: Region 8, Missouri
Interests: resin casting/sculpture, building a business in the hobby, and tack making
email: butchorc@gmail.com
MENTOR: Shannon Rodgers
Location: Region 8 IA/IL
Expertise: Youth, AR/CM
email: shannontrodgers@gmail.com
MENTOR: Lynn Isenbarger
Location: Region 8, West Central Indiana
Expertise: Breyer and Hagen Renaker Collectibility, OF Plastic and china showing
email: lisenbarger8@gmail.com
MENTOR: Kirsten Wellman
Location: Region 8, Chicago Loop Area
Expertise: Showing, judging, plastic and china collectibility, customizing, painting, hobby history, ABC Judging Philosophy
email: mumtazmahal@gmail.com
MENTEE: Megan Smith
Location: Region 8, Central Indiana
Interests: Resin casting/sculpture, mold-making, Customizing
email: ctwalker1990@gmail.com

Region 9: 

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia

MENTEE: Kaitlin Perez
Location: Region 9, Upstate New York
Interests: Customizing, painting, sculpting
email: topdogtb4@gmail.com
MENTEE: Cassie Marvin
Location: Region 9, Scranton, PA area
Interests: Judging, painting, performance s
email: cassivemarvin06@gmail.com
MENTEE: Gillian Winterhalter
Location: Region 9, Haymarket, VA
Interests: Customizing, tack making, and showing
email: gwinterh1103@gmail.com
MENTOR: Kelly Weimer
Location: Region 9, Pittsburg Area
Expertise: Judging and showing Breyer Collectibility, Youth
email: kelly7874@yahoo.com
MENTOR: Jackie Rossi
Location: Region 9, NYC/North NJ Area
Expertise: Showing, judging, performance
ABC Judging Philosophy
email: drsteggy@gmail.com
MENTOR: LeeAnn Bachmann
Location: Region 9
email: geohorse@ptd.net

Region 10: 

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

MENTEE: Amelie Hopke
Location: Region 10, Massachusetts
Interests: painting and sculpting minis, breed choice, and showing
email: lexipepper2004@gmail.com
MENTEE/MENTOR: Katherine Henson
Location: Region 10, Massachusetts
Interests (mentee): painting and sculpting (mentor) moldmaking and casting
email: kmhenson411@massart.edu

Region 11: 

Canada - All Provinces

MENTEE: Breanna Ashkar
Location: Canada
Interests: Digital Sculpting, customizing, medallion making
email: breannaashkar@gmail.com
MENTOR: Rayvin Maddock
Location: Canada, Alberta
Expertise: Sculpting, molding, casting, pastel/pigment and oil finish work.
email: khrysalisstudios@gmail.com

United Kingdom

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

MENTEE: Emily Crook
Location: UK, Buckinghamshire
Interests: Sculpting and painting
email: emmy-rose@live.co.uk
MENTEE: Kayleig Iocov
Location: UK, Buckinghamshire
Interests: Tackmaking
email: kayleighiocov@gmail.com
MENTOR: Dorothy Jacobs
Location: UK
Expertise: Judging, China
email: zenkurel@aol.com
MENTEE: Lucy Smith
Location: UK
Interests:  tackmaking, performance showing and/or sculpting
email: lucysmith1024@outlook.com