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Mares in Black #35 coming at YOU!

Happy Hump Day! On this MIB episode for the first week of April 2020, the Mares talk more about the innovation Covid-19 and quarantine has inspired the hobby. Lots of awesome "stay at home" projects and events are discussed, like coloring contests and photo shows!!! They also go off on a lot of fun tangents. As per usual, the MIB podcast covers model horse news, new releases, instagram in progress, BreyerFest happenings and more! Listen here!

Show Resources



Breyer coloring contest fbclid=IwAR3erIqvnPu6RHrIQ5jy_g1CuXOsHipN4k5lThQOIehKv5FDjnSCJBV_ZrY

National Fun Day is rescheduled

Breyer April Fools

Breyer TBT JAH

Breyer TBT flockies


Perf photo show


Naming contest poll winner OSWIN


Photo Challenges Desert Sun Studios, Wellman’s, Medallion challenge Grace Bisnath

WLS Lockdown Quarantine Painting Contest

Imagine Equine not publishing in 2020

Taylor Outz Kingston Studios stepping back

Studio Thornrose fan page

Kylee Coloring contest

Circle C Paint your microbe contest

New Releases

OF Plastic


Feis, Diorama contest horse prize

SR Welsh mare and foal brigid and beltane

Stone Easter DAH

Sculpture releases

Iko and Teenah Mini Mules by Frley

Skorie, Horse and Bird Studio

Maggie new monthly micro

Painted Sculptures

Tamarrion Covington Micros

Spruce Mountain UpNovevah

Favina dapple black by Boydston

Micro Mule by Botton


Franceyn Dare Phar Lap

Myrold Foalie

Darya Berdove Mule foal

Boss Equine haffie foal

Horraw Studio custom collecta


HRCC Abdullah

Rainbow Rave’n


Evelyn Munday Parade saddle

Horsing Around Saddle trees

CharArt Hermes Saddle

Dreamflight ASB mini bridle

Priam Costume Camel wear

Red Anima Vaquero Set

SonyaKon red saddle

KerriAnne Parker Doll

Red wolf police jacket


Bernie the Camel by Chris Flint Sandy and Camella

Rogue Horse studios very large medallions

Needle needles felted horse

Animo Studio Medallion

Georgia Wean Medallion

Blue Butterfly Medallion

IG in Progress

Soul Pony Studios medallion

Divine Justice studio

Destrier CM Pierre

Darleen Stoddard Spellbound

Heather Bullach/ Kylee Parks Leo collab

Kylee Miniature horse IP

Chat Noir medallion

KYG Ahzam custom glaze

Funny/Interesting photo posts

Harriote Preston CC

Donna Allen Outlander

Tony Stark walking the dog

Emilies Plastic ponies reflection Dundee

Transatlantic skull pic

Kika Isabell Zombies on a ride

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