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MIB#17 is here for your Kentucky road trip!

Mares in Black Episode #17 previews more Breyerfest and Equilocity events, the guest horses and evening gala performers, workshops and clinics, custom contest finalists and more artist collections that will be available at Artisan’s Gallery and room sales! And no forgetting #Breychella! Be there or be square! Listen up

Show Resources:


Freedom Series

Premier Club sneak

Voyuer meets Breyer Voyuer

Jennifer Kistler is BACK

KC Galloping gals dolls

New releases

OF plastic

Best offer stone in medieval costume

Unpainted ResinMorgen Kilbourn “UpBity”

Maggie Bennett Collection Christina Reilly Donkey

Painted Resin

Elk Horn Studio Angelica Nelson-Anzelmo

Elk Horn micros

Wiggleswork studio Indy CM’d by Brock

Lexi’s Collection Mira

Tammy Palmarchuk

Caroline Boydston White Horse Studio BF collection

Nikki BO collection

Jen Olp Fidget

Cynthia Wyatt Briley


Jen Olp Alborozo CM

Amanda Brock Tangela Foalzilla CM collection

Tiffany Purdy Collection

Kim Bleeker collection

Mel Miller Collection Finished Appy Latigo by Chris Flint Sputter Moo Productions Christina Reilly collection Blaylock collection


Jenn Danza Boreas

HR TN “Debut” Arab Mini for Fellowship

Tack, Props & Dolls

CharArt Portuguese tack set

Jennifer’s Imagination Arab Costume

Studio Maire collection

SM Racing tack Anna Helt

Anna Ustinova Jummper set

Nataliya Merachova Stubben dressage set

Field of Dolls Collection

Keri’s Custom dolls Wakanda inspired WP rider

OU Dolls Joan Yount


Sommer Prosser medallion

Parks Studio Thornrose medallonoply Kylee Parks Studio Thornrose Zepyr mediallion Cameron Clow Sketches Bear Carousel bust

Sticker Shock

Zephyr Sticker Studio Thornrose

Neeko Sticker Studio Thornrose

Wigglesworks studio medallion stickers

Imagine Equine Temp Tattoo

Takeshi Temp Tattoo

Breychella Stickers

Mel Miller stickers

Amanda Brock

Maggie Bennet Stickers by Sandra Gibson

Laura Skillern

Breyer stickers MIB holographic Sticker

Instagram in progress spotlight!

Westwind Studio Mini Albie

Westwind studio bare minimum

Desert Sun Studio

Infinitybreyersco blanket

Performance Fanatic Perf prep

Niki Hertzog saddle

Hazel Vickers medallion

Stilahorsegirlatheart LG etching

Kirsten Wellman Shannondell

Camthedinosaurman brush belgain

Walnut Lane Studio

KNC Studio Pierre


Corbett saddles in progress

Theme Topic Discussion: Breyerfest/EQ/KHP Preview

MIB Stuff

BreychellaMeet up

Missy Shaw make up tutorials and giveaways

Amanda makeup


Elaine’s Baskets Events, shows and daily releases Video Stone has an App!

Breyerfest News and Events


More shuttle info

Breakables medallions

Water trucks

Statisical SR nerdery on RTB

New releases

Mini Celebration horse set

Auction HorsesLots 9-12

Lots 13-16 Lots 17-20

Final set

Silent AuctionValegro Test in ME Costume

Guest Horses

Entertainers Gala/Covered arena

Swap meet

Gallery workshops and clinics



Hobby Events

Leaf Medallion Contest

The Jennifer Show http//

Custom Contest Finalists


Kylee Parks - Foalzilla CM to rearing dapple grey

Laura Skillern - Western town scene w/ longhorns

Mindy Young - Man from Snowy River


Cindy Evans - Black sabino Shannodell

Karen Zorn - Varnish roan app Dundee

Christina Reilly - ???


Amanda Brock - Hair physics Lippy Mare

Lauren Wood - CM flash with ornate clip job

Katie Langford - Clyde soap show coat

Extreme CM

Mel Miller - TOC to beach scene Arab

Carissa Kirksey - Foundation Stall rearing

Nickel Kent - CB to giant Friesian


Tiffany Purdy - Draft Hippogriff

Hannah Tripp - Light Hippogriff


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