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MIB #31 OFP Collectibility Part 2

This extended episode features news for the end of February and beginning of March, 2020 as well as the second part of our series on original finish plastic collectibility. Noted collectibility enthusiast Robin Roberts joins Jackie to discuss Breyer collectibility, philosophy as well has her collectibility show and NAN 2020. Check it out

New Releases



NY Toy Fair NY Toy Fair

The Mane Beauty Styling head

BW Thunder Giveaway

The new Ballroom first look “Paddock”

The updated CHIN map

More on Crafty Celts jewelry

More info on PC 2020 Horses

Stone Horses

New Mini sculpt Copperfox

Newsletter NAMHSA

NAN finished medallions

Studio Thornrose

Medallion Contest Winners


Amateur Creativity

Amateur Finishwork

Open Creativity Open Finishwork

New art studio Rouge Horse Studio studio and tiny house Break the Mold Studio giveaway

Kate Schick closing Tuscany Studios after 25 years

New Releases

OF Plastic


One more sneak

Store special Beneli

Stone Horses

Mardi Gras video Copperfox

Blue Scamps

Painted Sculptures

Kentucky Equine Creations Moxie A

Amanda Brock Bay Anise

Overo Levi by Divine Justice Studios

Rabicano Micronaut Karly Kudalis

Select Arcane Andrea B Cave Pony

Amanda Brock Tadpole

DeeJayBee Studio Valkerie


Studio Thornrose “Manolo” Criollo Idocus painted by Amanda Brock

Boss Equine Design, Jen Boss

Jenn Danza Halla Mare CM

Jana Shaw Mini CF


SM armor by Amy Jones of Fubar Ranch

Arabian costume breast collar in progress Celeste Proe

Desktop Stables goodies for BW


Super Cali Medallion by Lauren Wood

Georgia Wean Medallion

Mel Miller Rosie medallions

Esgile Asakuma artwork

IG in Progress

Kira Osborne Rapidash

Jillian Morrell Namopaimo horse

Maplestone Studio Joel Mini Brishen

Equine Confections Heather b Hillengard

Nikki Hertzog Bride

Vincent Lange wine horse

Brie Cundiff Django

Kylee Parks Snatches Georg’s wig

Kenzie Williamson Blue Moon Portrait

CM Valegro Larsen88

Missy Shaw NaMoPaiMo horse

Dope picture infinity Breyers

NAMIPAIMO Team Minis painting minis

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