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MIB Ep#16 Kentucky Bound Part 1

Episode #16 previews Equilocity, Breyerfest and of COURSE #Breychella and all the goings on in and around the Kentucky Horse Park this year. In the first of a two part series, the Mares focus on event schedules, company releases, custom contest entries and artist collections that will be available at Artisan’s Gallery and room sales! Listen up here!

Show Resources:


Copperfox is back




New Breyer Employee! Jocelyn Cote, Community Coordinator

The Leaf Medallion Photo Show

New Releases

OF plastic

Unpainted Resin

Painted Resin

Zebrastrepe Studio Tegan Skaggs Proud Mary

Divine Justice Studios Valentin II

Tadpole by Kate Schick/Tuscany Studio


Chris Flint Beau Cheveux appy latigo IP

D’arry Jone Frank/Prestige Farms

Lippizaner Mare by Melissa M’attews

Tempest Wind Studio/Ginger Combs CM UP drafter

Kenzie Williams/Bridletree Studio

DeeJayBee Studio Cadell CM


HRCC Mini Amir for Fellowship only (membership required)

Tack, Props & Dolls


Imagine Equine Parks Medallion Reveal (sneak from Kylee’s page)

Instagram in progress spotlight!

Performance Fanatic Erika Isabell

Theme Topic Discussion: Breyerfest/EQ/KHP Preview

The Mares



News and Events

KHP Insta Oliver with BF swag

MORE Event Heather Wells wed night July 10

New releases

Custom Contest Entries

Bridletree Studio Kenzie Williamson Desert Sun/Lauren Hoeffer

Westwind Studio/C. Rae Abelt

Breyer Othello Gal (Hannah)

Blue Ribbon Studio Lauren Ball

Carrisa Kirksey Sprucewood Farm

AG/Breyerfest artist sneaks

Artisans Gallery line up

Field of Dolls Anne Field

Hobby Events

Equilocity 2019 - Theme - The search for the Holy Grail

New England Novice Extravaganza August 3rd is Sutton, MA

Meows and MINIs Itasca IL Sep 7

The Jennifer Show http//

Clash of Colors/Battle of Breeds Oct 5, Denver

Black Hills Model Horse Show Oct 26 Rapid City, SD

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1 Comment

Lasair Johnson
Lasair Johnson
Jul 08, 2019

OMG!! Canadians calling quarters!! LOVE IT!!

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