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The MIB Patreon

If you’ve been looking for more fun ways to be involved with us that help support our endeavors, then check out our brand new Patreon!

Patreon is a monthly subscription that helps us cover costs of web hosting, equipment upgrades and other services and offers you perks ranging from shout outs to Zoom parties and exclusive merchandise and content. We have four tiers ranging from $1-12 so we hope to have a level for everyone. The base podcast is still free!

Please check it out and watch our intro video and we hope you’ll join us!

Our Patrons

We want to thank our supporters for being a part of our Patreon and helping us to expand the Mares in Black footprint! We look forward to all the fun things we are going to do together! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Ashley Arents-Bowen
Susan Bensema Young
Missy Shaw
Abby Wunderlich
Amanda Geci
Andi Scott
Anna Helt
Brenna R
Erica S
Helen Vanos
Joanna Dueck
Kim Szkudlarek
Maggie Jenner-Bennet
Meghan Rachelle
Sarah Townsend
Stacey Kianese
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Mares in Black
Amanda Brock
Anna Tackett
Barb DiAnnibella
Danni Dunn
Heather Zaiger
Jackie Moore
Joel Bertelli
K'tea Maraud
Kristen Arendt
Lesli Kathman
Nancy K
Herd Nerds
Allison Pareis
Andrea Brygidyr
Anne Field
Anne Hudson
Breanna Ashkar
Cameron Clow
Cynthia Wyatt-Briley
Dani Youdris
Darleen Stoddard
Eclectic Equines
Elaine Boardway
Erin Michelle
Heather Bullach
Heather Jackson-Lain
Holly Conner
Jana Wright
Jeni Lambert
Jennifer Wilson
Jessica Hardy
Katy Niles
Kelly Weimer
Kenzie Williamson
Laura Heidkamp
Mackenzie Ferguson
Madison Parkinson
Maeve King-Devery
Mary Riordan
Megan Smith
Mel Boynes
Melissa Hart
Michael Price
Robbie Ramirez
Samatha Buckert
Tami Blankenship
Teagan R
Teresa Buzzell
Yashka Hallein
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