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Breyerfest 2019 Part 1 : MIB#18

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

The post model horse festival hangover show part one is on like Michele Kwan. The Mares deal with the 2019 Wednesday through Friday festivities like Fellowship, Breakables, Resin Futurity, and BreyerFest Live! PLUS, a rundown of the Annual NAMHSA meeting and dinner as well as feel-good stories from THE FEST! Listen here!

Show Resources:


Box of prototypes got accidentally shipped OOPS

Nominate Breyer for the Toy Hall of Fame by July 31

FoxGlory123 - Vengence Rain 2 auditions

Westerly Design is looking for a ceramics apprentice

Stories from the Fest #2 “Meeting Infinitybreyer”

Stories from the Fest #3 “Gitfing a Grail”

Hobby Events

Pennsylvania Model Horse Meetup Aug 10th with Megan of _Starry_Night_Studios_ contact her at Instagram @_starry_night_studios_ or on the event FB page

The Jennifer Show http//

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