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BreyerFest 2023 is coming! Get the scoop from the Breyer Events Team!

The events team join the Mares for this episode of MIB to discuss BreyerFest. Jaime Potkalesky and Kat McDermott walk us through ALL THE THINGS at the event this year. Guest horses, harness demos in the covered arena, shows, shopping, workshops, exclusive models, beer tent, car show, circus, dogs stablemate painting, evening extravaganza....where does it end? OH MY! You do not want to miss it this year Get all the information straight from the (Breyer) horse's mouth(s). Listen up here.

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  1. MIB

  2. Patreon

  3. Resin Renaissance beneficiary looking for donations


  5. General

  6. DaBar is back in business?

  7. Hyn Patty CMG workshops

  8. Model Horse University


What is BreyerFest?

This year’s theme and why we are excited

Two ways to join – in-person or virtual

Recap ticket structure

Recap of models

How listeners can get involved – call for volunteers

  1. Social media round up, Breyer edition!

  2. Studio Thornerose

  3. KNC Art

  4. Snowdrift Studio

  5. Dare Horses

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