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BreyerFest is really freaking nigh!... So enjoy MIB #104

BreyerFest is almost upon us! This episode kicks off the Mares official run up to BF 2023: Driving Forward. We are happy to welcome hobbyist, artist and all around swell guy, Fabian Rodriguez! He talks about his hobby journey and artistic endeavors as well as his love of sidesaddle and getting to ride in the covered arena at the big event! We also discuss all the latest in news for the Fest and the rest of that weeks goings on, along with regular model horse news as well as Instagram in Progress! Listen up here!

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Steph Blaylock, Laura Skillern, Jenn Constantine, Shauna McDaniel, Lindsey Myers, Kylee Parks, Heather Bullach, Regan O’Keefe, Georgia Wean, Angela Minton Darrow, Danielle Miller, Karen Beeson, Kerry Walsh, Hailey V


    1. NAMHSA dinner

  2. Breyer

    1. OLD Breyer Illinois factory images

    2. Updated Ticket purchase deadlines for BF

    3. Adios test run

    4. BF Hillcrest barn tour

    5. Open show online!

    6. Paddock Pals

  3. Stone

    1. Equilocity 2023

  4. Other

    1. HRTN painting/glazing an PF Agile

    2. Amanda Brock tutorials

    3. BeeBe Ranch update

    4. Jacobus Coloring page

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