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Breyerfest Part 2: MIB #19

Pardon us for the delay, the post model horse festival hangover show part two was beset by our real jobs, event burnout and Weird Al. In this show, the Mares cover Saturday through Monday festivities like The Children/Youth Show, Breychella, the Live auction and the raffles as well as more feel-good stories from THE FEST! Listen here!

Show Resources

Stories from the Fest #4 “Left Behind”


BreyerBF Special Run BreakdownsThe rest

Surprise horse

Mid year releases

TBT to collectors event in 2002 and 2014 Big Easy Bash

Empres meets his great grand sire Bask at KHP Stormy Strike BF vlog wrap ups

Stories from the Fest #5 “Random Act of Kindness”

Stories from the Fest #6 “Repeat the Beat”

Hobby Events

Pennsylvania Model Horse Meetup Aug 10th with Megan of _Starry_Night_Studios_ contact her at Instagram @_starry_night_studios_ or on the event FB page

The Jennifer Show http//

Stories from the Fest #6 “Mentoring youth in the mountains”

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