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BreyerWest 2023 is coming! MIB #97 has the deets.

On episode 97 of Mares in Black, the talk is BreyerWest 2023. We are joined by Kat McDermott (Breyer Events) and Erin Corbett (Show Manager) to take us through all that is happening May 24-26 in Denver at the Western Complex. We also grill Kat on BreyerFest 2023 plus our usual babbling, hobby news and model horse world on Instagram is in the mix. Listen Up here!


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  1. Intro

    1. Happy Birthday Beowulf

    2. RIP Linda Walter

  2. MIB

    1. Patreon

    2. Maggie Bennet on Live to complete her exclusive micro for our Patreon, Feb 4-5!

    3. Resin Renaissance beneficiary, looking for donations (Jenn Constantine, Laura Skillern, MIB)

  3. NEWS

    1. Breyer

      1. Araba (SR)

      2. Via Lattea (LE)

      3. Peanutine (SR)

      4. Surrey & Axel (SR)

      5. HD Harkness

      6. Delft (LE)

      7. Nemea (SR) HP expounds

      8. Resin Futurity

      9. Breakables

    2. Stone

      1. Stone Paws and Claws Bowl

    3. Other

      1. Salvino wins horse of the year, Lyle wins rider of the year (USEF)!

      2. Jenn Danza Talisman

      3. Repairing and Air bubble, Morriah Voogd

      4. Karen Beeson Feb clinics

      5. Painting black with Heather B

      6. NaMoPaiMo

      7. Vincent Lange

  4. BreyerWest! With Kat and Erin!

  5. Instagram

    1. Snowdrift Studios

    2. Studio Thornrose

    3. Anne Hudson

    4. ArtbyDeeAnn

    5. ZebraStrepe

    6. Gessen Appies

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