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Enjoy Monday with the Mares!

Welcome Fall! The newest episode (#92) of Mares in Black is here! Jackie and Heather discuss the passing of OG horse girl Queen Elizabeth the second and her impact on the equine world. All the usual news, joking, Instagram, babbling and fun tangent as per usual! Listen up here or subscribe:

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  1. MIB

  2. Patreon

  3. NEWS

  4. Breyer

  5. 2022 Halloween Store

  6. Horse People Podcast with Jaime

  7. Rick’s Saddleshop Breyer Halloween Model Horse Show

  8. #TBT

  9. Vote for Breyer, National Museum of Play

  10. National Fun Day

  11. Stone

  12. Micros Tempus and Harley

  13. Little Horse Show Wilderness retreat

  14. Copperfox

  15. Blue mini clear ware Connemara

  16. Other

  17. Myla Pearce in the news

  18. IDYB News

  19. Karen Beeson Paining classes

  20. Dapple grey

  21. Black Leopard Appy

  22. Cynthia Wyatt Briley/Badfish Studio YouTube (White Markings)

  23. Horses in the Morning Podcast, Men Riding Sidesaddle featuring Fabian Rodriguez

  24. Model Horse Place staying online

  25. Stormy Strike’s Breyerfest 2022 Experience

  26. MVS Closing

  27. Kelly Sealy Newsletter

  28. Queen Elizabeth passes

  29. Queen with her ponies

  30. Emma and

  31. Canadian Mounted Horses

  32. Saving the Cleveland Bay Breed

  33. Retrospective

  34. Burmese

  35. Instagram in Progress

  36. Rogue Horse Studio

  37. Horraw Studio

  38. CSJ Studio

  39. Firestarter Studio

  40. Bilberry Bush (via jh_models)

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