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We are so happy to celebrate our 40th episode of Mares in Black with you! Almost two years ago we had no idea how much fun this would be, how much model horse news there actually is, and how fulfilling making this show for our audience actually is.

THANK YOU for coming on this journey with us. We are glad you listen weekly and we work constantly to improve the show for you. Listen up and pay attention for instructions on how to enter a giveaway just for our 40th podcast listeners.

Show Resources


Congrats to Tegan Skaggs, now Davis, on her marriage to her boyfriend Michael


Noms for VP

Noms for even # reps

Card extensions


BF 3 Day tickets are sold out

3 days benefits and International

What do you miss about BF?

BF contests

BF custom contest prize models

Single Day Tickets

5K Gaelic Gallop medal

TBT race horses


Stone Quarantine contest

Art of the Horse contest entries

Emerging Artists

Professional Artists

Remington my MJB


Copperfox Fox sample "Oswin”


Circle C Contest “Things that make people sick?”


Direct cause

Lynn Fraley

Cast to Order program

Wire to Whinny Workshop Move

Another Amanda Brock coloring page

New Releases

OF Plastic


Altenyai is shipping

BF Plushie MacKenzie

Celtic Fling Swag

Exclusive model page

Billberry CC berry pony series

Premier Club grabbags

VC grabbags

Seattle Soriee centerpiece model

New Artist Editions

Yana Danilove Delir Studio (3 releases, venti/lb size)

Break the mold studio foal costello

Sarah Mink release 3 new mini scupts Mink Myster box (EMAIL 0nly)

Painted Sculptures

Nikki Button Miss Lizzie to bay

Brie Cundiff Lyskra Micros

DeeJayBee Juggernaut reveal

Atalaya Studio Sallie micro


DeeJayBee Studios “Bacilus”

Cold painted Excalibur by SMB

Squirrel micro customized with tack

Breyer donkey by Angelica Anselmo


Closing dates on HRCC pieces


Helen Boonie horse armor

DeeDee Crawly Akhal Teke collars Studio girth

Teke set by SBY


Billberry Bush medallion

IG in Progress

Funny/Interesting photo posts

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