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Happy April! MIB #69 is a go!

No fooling, the new podcast is here! On this edition of the podcast we talk through our thoughts and observations of our Match Madness Surprise Horse Tourney (that's spilling in to April) so far. We also talk news and events and of course Instagram and much off-topic chatter! Listen up here!

Show Resources


  1. Breyer

  2. True Blue Breyer Australian virtual event

  3. BF 5k Splash of color

  4. BF Virtual workshops

  5. Model Horse shows at Breyerfest

  6. CC Goldfinch

  7. VG Nonoma

  8. Masquerade from the archives

  9. Piper's Pony Tales

  10. Breyerfest related events

  11. KNC Equine Art and

  12. Stone

  13. Sarah: Traditonal Mule (resin)

  14. Art of the horse closes April first

  15. Flower pot contest entries

  16. Ranch Horse Series

  17. Copperfox NA

  18. Other:

  19. Stormy Strike & arts surprise horse speculation

  20. Anne Field: field of dolls Photo show

  21. The model horse Cannuck blog by Dani Dunn

  22. Jennifer Scott chinas and

  1. Instagram

  2. Amanda Brock

  3. Steph Blaylock

  4. Brie Cundiff

  5. DeeJayBee

  6. Performance Fanatic

  7. Desert Sun Studio

  8. Chookhenge

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