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Happy Birthday to Mares in Black!

We have a birthday coming up and we just hit a milestone on Instagram, so GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Let us know in comments what your favorite episode has been so far and tag a friend that maybe hasn't listened to the show yet! You will be entered in a drawing for a Mega MIB Swag Bag: Hat, tote, shirt, buttons, stickers and a Breyer BHR Night Vision and Night Deck set!!!!!! Drawing on June 3rd! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Nelli Jeanne Lucus
Nelli Jeanne Lucus
30 במאי 2019

I thoroughly enjoy the 2018 BreyerFest podcasts and this year's BreyerFest chats, along with ones that cover live shows (Hey next door, Colorado!). Also, the interviews are very nice and makes me feel more connected to the hobby. Thank you for the work you put in, I make Pony Lifesavers (my little branding name for pony packs) while listening to the show and get a lot done! Keeps me motivated. Thank you gals!!

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