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Happy Holidays, MIB #83 is under the tree!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

On this episode of MIB, the Mares discuss the latest (and now expected) seasonal hobby drama, ...i.e. BreyerFest online and the ADA, and yet MORE discussion on copying vs. inspiration, copyright and VARA, as well has hobby courtesy and ethics. We share out thoughts as well as other viewpoints and references on both these matters. Also the usual off-topic chatter, news, new releases and Instagram in Progress are here for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays! Listen here!


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  1. News

    1. MIB

      1. Patreon

    2. Breyer

      1. Breyerfest

        1. Ticket info

        2. Event SMs

        3. BF FAQ

      2. BreyerWest returns to Denver

        1. Blog

      3. SM club reveals Phineas and rearing appy fighter (name?)

      4. Zugspitze

      5. CC Appreciation event

      6. Bunyan

      7. MorganQuest Native Sun

    3. Other

      1. HA Adonis

      2. Dare Horse s Christmas weirdlings

      3. Kelly Sealy Advent sale

      4. Oksana Kuks Fat ponies

      5. Kenize weathervane

      6. Carol Williams Mattie

      7. HRTN Two Bits (and large Zara!

      8. . Moriah Voogd Post communicating with your artist

Hobby Copyright Ethics and Courtesy:

Online Discussion:

Liesl Daple on VARA and copyright

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