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Happy Memorial Day! The new MIB is here!

MIB #102 is here! We cover some news and and catch up on our life stuff that made April very interesting. We also have a great conversation with Poetry Boucher, also known as FoxGlory, a celebrated model horse YouTuber and hobby personality! She talks with us about her life and hobby journey, as well as her celebrated web series "Vengeance Rain" (which needs your help)! Listen up here or Subscribe:

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FoxGlory on YouTube:

Vengeance Rain GoFundMe

Image courtesy Poetry Boucher

Show Resources:

  1. NEWS

    1. MIB

      1. Resin Renn SOLD OUT only AA left, NANA qualifier

      2. DONATIONS!

    2. NAMHSA

      1. Merit Award Price increases

    3. Breyer

      1. Misty Auction for Bebee Ranch

      2. Custom contest prizes

      3. Reservations VS No Reservations

      4. Spring Releases

    4. Stone

      1. NA

    5. Copperfox

      1. Closing notice

    6. Other

      1. Ryetherial by Eva Rossiter

      2. Juggernaut in China

      3. Linda Walter plaque

      4. 1964 Western Horseman article on Virginia Orison

      5. New resin Caster

  2. Instagram in Progress

    1. Saar Studios &

    2. B. DaVinci Creations and

    3. Gesen Ponies

    4. BVG Live

    5. Field of Dolls

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