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Happy New Year! MIB rings in 2024 with you!

Welcome 2024! Multi-hyphenate artist Heather Bullach joins the Mares on episode 111 to talk about her artistic development, her model horse art as well as her fine art and makeup artistry. They discuss her techniques and strategies, private jets and trips to Portugal and all about her zoom classes that teach the misunderstood art of oil painting! As always, hobby news and Instagram in progress are included too! Find her at and or Instagram: @equineartbyheatherbullach

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All photos in gallery credit : Heather Bullach except #1 Kylee Parks


  1. News

  2. MIB

  3. Patreon

  4. Breyer

  5. BreyerWest 2024

  6. WinterFest 

  7. Garret CC club animal special

  8. Brio SM Club release

  9. Stone

  10.  Holiday event pics

  11. HRTN

  12.  QC video

  13. HA

  14. HA Eberl Andalusian in Piaffe

  15. CMG Willoughby raffle result

  16. Other

  17. Red Shed Resins Fire

  18. Jolt Studios Casting notice

  19. Jaime Castleman Pastel DVDs

  20. Interview: Heather Bullach

  21. Instagram in Progress

  22.  Steph Blaylock

  23. Melissa Hart

  24. Art by C. Riley

  25. Amanda Brock

  26. Collecting with Sam

  27. Tack by Melissa

  28. Foxxtastic

  29. jh_models

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