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Happy October 1st! MIB#52 says BOO!

Episode 52 of the Mares in Black podcast kicks off our performance series. The Mares welcome Anne Field of Field of Dolls fame to talk about her performance journey and philosophy. And as usual the show features the latest model horse news, new releases, Instagram in Progress and some inane rambling. Listen up here.




  • Patreon

  • MIB Spooktacular Photo Show


  • #TBT Misty

  • #TBT Breyer VIP events


  • Moonlight Madness & Spooky Sequel Photo show

  • Pumpkins and Ponies Photo show

  • Field of Dolls Photo show

  • Go for the Gold Photo Show

  • 12 Days of Christmas Micros

  • Kelly Sealy Live stream event Kelly Sealy “Icarus”

  • Waratah Photo Show New Releases OF Plastic WIA

  • Eberl Lancelot

  • Eberl Sharif

Artist Edition Releases

  • Yana Danilove Delir Studio “Mishka”

  • Fraley ASB Firebright McDonald

Painted Artist Editions

  • Conyeyor 12 Hafllinger

  • Brie Cundiff Bennet

  • Ruah by Lynn Fraley

  • Zebrestrepe Studios and


  • EA Studios CM Mini Croi

  • Boss Equine Design Halloween deco Mini Albie


  • Jenn Danza clay body Boreas


  • Red Anima Medieval Tack set

  • Sunflower saddle set


  • Kitty Cantrell Micro Dairy cow

  • Holly Connor Brindle Great Dane

  • Jo Heaps Micro stable

  • Georgia Wean medallion

Instagram In progress

  • Metalfish Studio

  • DeeJayBe Studio

  • Pipa Pones

Interesting/fun pics

  • PawPrints Saddlery Tack room

  • Kylee and Greg

  • Lauren Hoffer Micro Zebras

  • Amber Breyers Ghost

  • Steingater Mardi Gras Breyers

  • Breyer Realistic Pics

  • Pawprint Cat Tree &

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