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It's the first episode of 2023! MIB #96 is here!

The Mares ring in the new year with all the holiday and new year news from Breyer, Stone, Copperfox, Horsing Around UK and our equine artists! They also talk loots from the holidays, video gaming, and instagram in progress. Welcome 2023! Listen up here!


  1. Intro

  2. RIP Kitty Grubka, Sandy Bloom, Karen McCauliff-Edie, Terry Newberry

  3. MIB

  4. Patreon

  5. Maggie Bennet on Twitch to complete her exclusive micro for our Patrons!

  6. Resin Renaissance beneficiary, looking for donations (Jenn Constantine, Laura Skillern so far)

  7. NEWS

  8. Breyer

  9. Tahoe!

  10. 2023 Releases

  11. SM club line up New Mold

  12. Gabriel shipping

  13. PC Sneak peak Heather P

  14. PC Sneak peak Kylee

  15. 2023 collectors club workshops

  16. BreyerFest Event SMs

  17. Diorama contest

  18. 1st BF SR Speos

  19. Stone

  20. Holiday event pics

  21. Copperfox

  22. MacDougal Xmas copper cubs

  23. Other

  24. Cobra Mares SM size

  25. MJB Nicor

  26. Braymere Horse Wreath

  27. HA Holiday CMG auctions[0]=&price[1]=&show_only[]=&show_only[]=sold&listing_type[]=&country=0

  28. NaMoPaiMo is coming in Feb

  29. SMB shrinky Stormwatches

  30. Instagram

  31. Modelhess

  32. Gessen Ponies

  33. Equs Plastico

  34. Blue Mountain Stable

  35. Danielle Feldman

  36. Zarzeckart

  37. Zafira CMs

  38. ArdhaStudio

  39. Katinpro_creations

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