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Mares in Black BreyerFest 2020

This episode of Mares in Black explores Breyerfest 2020, and the Mares talk with Rachel Alford from Road to Breyerfest about all the going-ons of this year's Breyerfest event and how it will be handled on this new online platform. They address the shows, workshops, equine events, guest horses, event models and much more! There are some audio glitches, typing, echos, yard guys, dogs barking on the tracks, so apologies in advance for the quality issues. Listen up here!

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  • Annual Meeting - “Annual Membership Meeting will be held via Facebook livestream on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 8pm EST. This meeting is open to everyone, member or not. You can reach our Facebook page here or by clicking the Facebook icon on the top right of this email message.”



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