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Mares in Black hits 1K Downloads!

Sometime today we hit 1000 total downloads! It's so exciting to know the show has legs and people are still steadily listening to it. We thank each and everyone of you for your support and feedback. This is just the beginning! We have great things planned for future shows!

Speaking of future shows, we are recording the second "pre-BF" show this weekend and we will have it out Tuesday or Wednesday of next week before the festivities kick off. Model horse chatter to travel by! Here's some of the topics for the next show:

  • Live auction horses

  • Custom contest

  • Artisans gallery attendees and offerings

  • BF program

  • Volunteer/surprise model wild speculation

  • New releases

  • MIB scavenger hunt

  • Fellowship

  • NAN

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon in Lexington!

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