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Mares in Black Podcast 02 is here!

The second episode of the MIB podcast is available! The mares talk BreyerFest prize models, mid-year releases, Premier Club sneak, Vintage Club release, Copperfox new releases, Precious Stone and much, much MORE!

Head to our LISTEN page to check it out! Subscribe to the show on iTunes!

Premiere Club Sneak Peek
Premiere Club Sneak Peek

Show resources:

Prize models (overall) (sectionals glossy Brunello and glossy Hwin are not pictured)

Breyerfest show staff/judges:

  • Regular Run Judges: Heather Raye and Joanna Bechtel Steward: Carrie Sloan-Meyer

  • Special Run Judges: Meghan Namaste and Betsy Andrews Steward: Karla Phelps

  • Collectibility Judges: Cari Chaney and Sarah Roche

  • Breed in Limited Run judged by Mary Vinyard and Michelle Masters Steward: Beth Patterson

  • Customized Judge: Allie Davidson Steward: Kim Wandry

  • Foal Judge: Letrisha Wise Steward: Joanne Raver

  • Mini Judge: Pam Simancik Steward: Jessica Fry

  • Novice Performance Judge: Mary Vinyard Steward: Jessica Fry

  • Open English Performance Judge: Leah Korper

  • Open Western Performance Judge: Erin Corbett

  • Open Miscellaneous Performance Judge: Tiffany Purdy Steward: Sara Olson

  • Stage Staff: Mary Chrusciel (announcer), Nancy Timm, Silke Brockmoeller, Sande & Tom Schneider (information table and tracking board)

  • Data Entry and Results: Heather Bacon

  • Photography and Public Relations: Amy Bacon

  • Collector’s Class judges Commonality: Sarah, Letrisha, Sande

  • Variety: Heather R., Betsy, Cari

  • Novice: Joanna, Meghan, Pam

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1 Comment

Lois Bennington
Lois Bennington
Jun 17, 2018

China heads ARE weird (and proud of it!). Had to laugh at that one.

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