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Merry Monday & Happy Halloween! MIB#93 is here!

Happy Halloween! The Mares talk murder, euthanasia, terrible clients, terrible sellers, toxic products, tire kicking and much more scary stuff! Join them for model horse news, a Patreon giveaway, a lecture and a spoopy Instagram segment well as hauntingly weird tangents. BOOOOOOO, Listen up here if you dare!


  1. Corrections

  2. Artist contributing to this piece we featured

  3. MIB

  4. Patreon

  5. Were going to Ponies and Palm Trees!!

  6. Dalia Patron drawing

  7. Marezilla and MIB

  8. Painted Renaldis

  9. Cyndi Wyatt

  10. Gretchen Glover

  11. Jenn Contatine

  12. Steph Blaylock

  13. Eerie Equine

  14. NEWS

  15. NAMHSA

  16. Election news

  17. Breyer

  18. Johann

  19. Jameson SM Club

  20. Woodstock Vintage Club

  21. Constantina PC 2nd 2022 release Shipping

  22. Anamar PC 3rd 2022 Release

  23. Test Run Bear

  24. Fall collectors club event

  25. September Collector’s Club newsletter (email only)

  26. Christmas store

  27. Three sculptors walk into a toy store

  28. 2023 Collectors Club

  29. #TBT

  30. Stone

  31. Pics from trail ride at Stone’s Little Horse Show Wilderness retreat

  32. Copperfox

  33. Saphire Connemaras

  34. Other

  35. WEC Ocala shelters Ian refugee animals

  36. Holly Connor Cobra Micros

  37. Hammies!

  38. NARVIMO challenge:

  39. Jake Heaps

  40. Sarah Mink (pics newsletter only)

  41. Horraw Studio and TikTok

  42. WIA (Horraw Studio sculpt) video

  43. Scary Discussion - Doing day to day business in the hobby (buying/selling)

  44. Basics of what to expect from sellers/products and

  45. How reasonably conduct your self as a consumer


  47. Dare Horses

  48. Infinity Breyers

  49. Flying Horse Studios

  50. Amanda Brock Buns

  51. Zebrastrepe_studios

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