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MIB #107: Post BF Wrap-up!

It's the BreyerFest wrap-up episode! The final BF 2023 events are coming to a close and the mares are here to prattle on about BreyerFest (and Tears of the Kingdoms) ad nauseam. They cover their trip out, the run up to the main event, BreyerFest itself, the CHIN, Resin Ren, the other shows, the AG, the MIB room party and the MIB brunch ... plus the trip back! Also included the news and Instagram in Progress! Listen up here.

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  1. Resin Renn raffle made 2600 for


  3. NAMHSA Dinner video

  4. MSOTY winner - Are You Kitten Me Live

  5. Breyer

  6. Post BreyerFest Online stuff

  7. SR variation numbers from BF

  8. Stagecoach Surprise Split numbers

  9. 2024 BF Theme

  10. Nominate Breyer for Museum of Play

  11. Stone

  12. New Molds

  13. Sport Horse Augustus

  14. Pony Mare and foal Trixie and Bebe

  15. Art of the Horse

  16. Other

  17. Fellowship is back!

  18. HR to Breyer display

  19. Maureen Love Sale

  20. Model Horse Survey

  21. Jurassic Classic

  22. KC Galloping Gals dolls closing

  23. BreyerFest Rundown

  24. Instagram in Progress

  25. Collecting with Sam

  26. Heather Bullach

  27. Red River Road

  28. KNC Equine Art

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