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MIB#113, BreyerWest 2024 with the Breyer Events Team!

On this episode of Mares in Black, we are previewing BreyerWest coming up soon in Denver, and some of BreyerFest too. The Breyer events team leads, Kat McDermott and Jaime Potkalesky, join us to run through all the goings on at BreyerWest and some of the newest developments for BreyerFest 2024 "Against All Odds". We also have all the latest model horse news and Instagram in Progress. Listen up here or subscribe:

Show Resources

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  2. MIB

  3. Giveaway for Patron, Dare horses CM


  5. Breyer

  6. BreyerFest

  7. Stone

  8. Other

  9. Interview: Kat McDermott, Jaime Potkalesky Breyer Events

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