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MIB#113, BreyerWest 2024 with the Breyer Events Team!

On this episode of Mares in Black, we are previewing BreyerWest coming up soon in Denver, and some of BreyerFest too. The Breyer events team leads, Kat McDermott and Jaime Potkalesky, join us to run through all the goings on at BreyerWest and some of the newest developments for BreyerFest 2024 "Against All Odds". We also have all the latest model horse news and Instagram in Progress. Listen up here or subscribe:

Show Resources

  1. News

  2. MIB

  3. Patreon

  4. Giveaway for Patron, Dare horses CM


  6. 2024 NAN chair named

  7. Breyer

  8. Rejkavik

  9. BreyerFest

  10. Ticket Announcement

  11. Surprise

  12. Sorry Not Sorry SR

  13. This is my Fight Song SR

  14. Edge of Glory SR

  15. SR Fighter & Survivor

  16. Blue Zeus LE

  17. Gascon the Great LE

  18. Just Like Fire LE

  19. I will survive SR

  20. Stone

  21. Erin video announcement of new stuff

  22. Stone Eras Blind bag release

  23. Volo and Pimento New Release

  24. Feedback to Stone

  25. Other

  26. Model Horse University Zooms

  27. Parents/newby zoom

  28. Ponybytes photo clinic

  29. Interview: Kat McDermott, Jaime Potkalesky Breyer Events

  30. Instagram

  31. Mule Deer Studio 

  32. Dune Creative

  33. Khentaur

  34. Tlousille

  35. DaVinci Creation

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