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MIB 117 is here, featuring Brie Cundiff!

On MIB episode #117, the Mares are joined by wunderkind painter, Brie Cundiff. We talk through the unusual way she came into the hobby, her artistic techniques and POV we well as her plans for BreyerFest this Summer! All the hobby news, Instagram and plenty of Gen X/video game tangents. Listen up here or subscribe:

Brie in front of her china cabinet with her 2024 BCC entry, a dapple bucksking Valegro


Six horse pained by Brie. Bay mini Spellbound , grulla tobiano Jorts, isabella palomino Farthing, silver overo Derecho, dapple buckskin Mini Anise, blond chestnut micro Sophie. All photo courtesy Brie Cundiff.


  1. News

  2. MIB

  3. Patreon

  4. Breyer

  5. Zayn

  6. Spokes and Spurs

  7. Centerpiece 

  8. Pics

  9. Models

  10. Sneak Peeks

  11. CCA

  12. April Fools post and release

  13. Spring Releases

  14. Breyer Careers

  15. Collector Club exclusive prepping workshop video with Tiffany Purdy

  16. BreyerFest

  17. Beer Tent

  18. Online Shows Bootcamp and Boo!

  19. Stone

  20. SHCF 2024 (show sold out)

  21. Volo & Pimento available in resin

  22. Art of the Horse Div A finalists 

  23. Mini loyalty club

  24. Other

  25. NAN 2024

  26. Bogucki website

  27. Model Horse Connection

  28. HRTN Nougat

  29. Model Horse collection video game

  30. Interview Brie Cundiff

  31. Instagram

  32. Amanda Brock

  33. Animo Studio

  34. Bilberry Bush

  35. Kylie, Nikki at Lynn Fraley clinic

  36. Vincent Lange new Schleich sculpts

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