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MIB #119: Chatting with Anne Field

On Episode 119 of Mares in Black, Anne Field of Field of Dolls is interviewed by the Mares. She talk all about her model horse journey and how she got into making doll clothes and other miniatures. The show also starts covering the inexorable march to BreyerFest 2024, discusses Stone Horse Country Fair and all the news and Instagram in Progress. Listen up here or subscribe:


  1. News

  2. MIB

  3. Patreon

  4. Breyer

  5. CC Club Rio 

  6. BreyerFest

  7. First timers guide

  8. Open Show reserve Champ

  9. Open show Champ 

  10. Virtual Workshop Registration

  11. Stone

  12. Volo & Pimento Drawings

  13. Equilocity

  14. Griffin Gate registration raffle

  15. Equilocity models

  16. Other

  17. NAN Lunch Buffet and T-shirts

  18. Thomas Bainbridge Studio production processes 

  19. Mojo Dojo Casa Horse Artist Portraits

  20. Kylee

  21. Kenzie

  22. Heather

  23. Needle Needles Interview

  24. Interview: Anne Field - Field of Dolls Studio

  25. Instagram

  26. Equine Art by Grace Bisnath

  27. DaVinci Creations

  28. Mule Deer Studio

  29. Studio Veks

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