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MIB #15: A Custom Renaissance

In this episode the Mares explore the renaissance of customization in the hobby and talk to some of the artists leading the charge as well as the discussion on the history and future of the medium. Interviews with Amanda Brock, Kylee Parks, Tiffany Purdy, Mel Miller and Laura Skillern Sailer and all our usual features and a few new ones! Listen here!

Show Resources:


NAMHSA newsCards extended

New positions

Fantasy reqs

Stormy Strike 10 year anniversary

Cheese Wax Girl on reddit

Maureen Bebbe passing Bruno Guiraldelli passing Breyer Club Fairy Tale Friend club

Model horse Artisan Guide and live show listing pages

New releases

OF plastic

BreyerfestPlushie Oliver

Best Customs Prizes: Leap of Faith and Top Hat and Tails

Overall BF show prizes: Victory and Triumph

RMCP Tribute model



Rhian and Caddell shipped


Unpainted Resin

Mini Harmony Kitty Cantrell

Kurila Pierre casting at MVS Kelly Sealy Micros

Capital Eq Hunter Bennett

Painted Resin

Diminutive Duke by Button Wyatt Briley Mini Mawari

Amanda Brock May Micros

CS Richmond upcoming offerings

Oceania by Button

Sarah Bieber Mini Nahar

Grey Goose: Eberl Bella Mira Lippy by Berg

Stoddard Palomino Tadpole

Jennifer Scott flea-bitten grey & Bay Anise and check out BFAG stock

Nikki Button Chestnut Anise

Berg Bay Pinto Anise

Nikki Button Palominos

CustomTrio of racehorse SMs by Kirsten Wellman: American Pharaoh, Justify and Winx Joe CM painted by Berg, Cmd by Brock

mutty dapple buckskin Django by Lynn Cassels-Caldwell

Breeds of the World Buckskin Lusitano by Chris Flint

Franceyn Dare Pip

Dare Maestro

Myrold Duende

Kingyo Mini Albi

Chris Flint app Latigo CM progress

Berg CM Buckskin Darwin

Kingyo Laren Morris Cmd by Kylee Parks Fjord Darwin

Brock BF Custom contest preview

Berg RW Suffolk custom


Brooches by HA

Lesli Kathman Popcorn CMG

Bainbridge fine china new production mold Fritz:

Bainbridge Dartanian:

Tom Bainbridge collection cull TB Hagen dispersal


Dreamflite Halters Anna Helt for TJS

Corbett Saddles Western Pleasure saddle

Natalia Midniteline black jumper set

Munday Feather saddle


Capital Equestrian Migeulito medallion painted by Gretchen O’Neil


Anastaia Chernykh Mawari Medallion Khasmir

SMB Mawari Medallion by Jenn Scott

Cemele BF prep

Instagram in progress spotlight!

Katherine of Wolf Whistle Studios working on a CHRONOS

Three Crows Studio Sarah Roberson DG draft Micro

Kingston Studios Taylor Ouzts Shannondell CM

Krysalis Studios Rayin Maddock Bucking stallion sculpt

Dani Youdris RRD replica tack “alligator saddle”

Doe Print Tiffany Taylor SMB shetland medallion

Studio Maire retail shot

Myla Perce Mule butt mediations

Mel Miller Equine Art Dundee and Annise

Hobby Events


New England Novice Extravaganza August 3rd is Sutton, MA

Equilocity 2019 - Theme - The search for the Holy Grail

The Jennifer Show http//

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