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MIB #27 OFP Collectibility Part 1

This episode features all your model horse news for 4th week of January 2020 as well as the first part of our series on original finish plastic collectibility. Collectibility experts Kelly Keracher and Kelly Weimer join us to discuss Breyer collectibility, judging, hunting and how they came to help writing books on Breyer collectibility. They also answer questions emailed from our audience. Listen up here!

Show Resources

Contact info for the Kellies:

Kelly K:

Kelly W:



Breyer CC Newsletter

Digital BD celebration

Adiah HP


Superbowl sale


Scamp in copper cub size


Destrier Models Emilia Kurila new web site

Model Horse TikTokersErika Isabel Rayvin Maddock

Westerly Design Sales inquiry

New releases


First BF SR “Epona” SR

2nd Sneak Peek, vintage style app

Two new RARE models for sale Sculpture Releases

Raaf by Ana Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko

Painted Sculptures

Duelo by Brooke Lewis Nikki Button Daffyd

DG Anise Heather Bullach

Maple Stirrup Jana Wright Custom

Elizaveta Shriyeva CM Mini Albie

Yana Danilova CM Mini Gustav

Copper Fox Cob CM to Fjord Frosty Birch Studio

Lamati Repaints SM WB


Westerly Design KYG Denderah Auction (ended)

KYG CMG Okie Rio


Braided Reins by Desktop

Nataliya Mereshova racing atak

Donna Allen/Eagle Nest tack Outlander custom Anna Helt WP saddle


Amanda Brock medallion

Cynthia Wyatt Briley Medallion

Instagram spotlight!

Chrissy Goreham

Cynthia Wyatt Briley Fidget app

Natalie Grace Windig William 3D scupt

HJL Seeing spots

Destrier Studio new sculpt

Old Mold Gold micro CMs

NeedleNeddies needle felted ponies by Tomas Zorida Tack CM PAM

Danza CM ??? for NaMoPaiMo

Amanda Brock Hair

Georgia Padgett Foal Medallion

Hanna W Zephyr

Dani Youdris Chainmail




Indian Paintbrush Amy 31 Cheyanne WY Anna Miller

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