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MIB #63 BreyerFest Freakout, Part Two!

On another ALL VBF episode the Mares cover the more exciting announcements about the event. Breyer has released more info on Virtual Breyerfest 2021: Horse of a Different Color, like an official Facebook page, VIP ticket lottery info, and more event information. We also go through the rest of the special runs, the beginning of the LEs and the Mares debate the Surprise Horse! Listen here!



  1. MIB

  2. Patreon 92 patrons!


  1. Breyerfest 2021 is virtual officially

  2. Official BreyerFest Facebook group

  3. Breyer asks:

  4. What are you most looking forward to at VBF 2021?

  5. What equine artists would you like to see interviewed?

  6. VIP Ticket Lottery

  7. VIP Ticket email

  8. BreyerFest Livestream Reveal with Kat and Jaime

  9. 7 Arts Surprise horse speculation

  10. Amanda Reed Spreadsheet

  11. BreyerFest #TBT Lascaux

Breyerfest related events

  1. Studio Thornrose STAG 2.0

New Releases

  1. Breyerfest Releases (SR)

  2. Surat

  3. Knossos

  4. Tassili

  5. Pollock

  6. Ansel

  7. BF LE Release

  8. Josie

  9. Prizma

Instagram in progress

  1. Lynn Fraley

  2. DeeJayBe Studio

  3. Heather Bullach

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