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MIB #64 BreyerFest Freakout Part 3!

On the final ALL VBF episode the Mares cover more developments surrounding Virtual Breyerfest 2021: Horse of a Different Color. Mares in Black features the rest of the Limited Edition releases that Breyer has made public, VIP ticket lottery results, additional event information like LE backorders and more surprise horse speculation! Listen here!

Show Resources


  1. Some Limited Editions will be available for backorder if/when they run out.

  2. Q&A with Kat and Jaime and a printed FAQ

  3. A note to beginners

  4. What’s left to be announced?

  5. Plush

  6. SM single day

  7. Auction Horses

  8. Silent Auction Stuff

  9. Prize Models

  10. MORE 7 Arts Surprise horse speculation

  11. Breyer Bootcamp

  12. BreyerFest #TBT Brenda Breyer

Breyerfest related events

  1. Aspen leaf Studios, Jennifer Scott

New Releases

  1. Breyerfest Releases

  2. Best of BreyerFest SMs

  3. Rheverence

  4. Favrile

  5. Apollo del Solis

  6. Event Stablemates

Instagram in progress

  1. Wild Horse Studios

  2. White Horse Studio

  3. Divine Justice Studio

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