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MIB #77! Rejoice, for here comes BreyerFest 2021!

On this episode of MIB (#77) we focus on the final goings on before BreyerFest 2021! We discuss the program, auction horses, shopping and some of the artists' offerings by studio. We also read some listener letters about PRIDE and the hobby to wrap up are series! The one and only SPLAINMAN joins us as guest co-host to discuss all the news and Instagram in Progress. Happy BreyerFest! Listen up here!

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Show Resources! News

  1. MIB

    1. Patreon

    2. Breyerfest nightly wrap-up stream - Mares Nightly News (MNN)

    3. Swag for BF

    4. The Mares at BF (shortened)

    1. NAMSHA

      1. Member only FB page

    2. Breyer

      1. Fireheart is shipping

      2. Program

      3. Shopping info

      4. Auction models




    3. Breyerfest related events

      1. MIB directory

      2. Stormy Strike Virtual Event trailer

      3. Studio Sommer Auctions

      4. STAG 2.0

      5. Infinity Breyers BF Sale

    4. Stone

      1. Equilocity Aug 26-28th, 2021 Art of the Horse photo show

      2. Art of the horse model winner

    5. Copperfox

      1. Looking for a 3D sculpting artist

    6. Other

      1. Needle Neddies

      2. Jenn Scott post and Micro Anise

      3. Studio Thornrose medallion Heart 2 Heart pendants /

      4. Rayvin - Khrysalis Studios

        1. Medallion club sign ups end July 18 with discounts” you get medallion box every 2 months

        2. Educational series of resins will debut including the neck and head from Skeleton (Skully) to muscles (Molder) to flesh (Skinner), and at least one reference leg for muscles in full 3D. There will even be glow in the Dark Skullys available exclusive to Bfest.

        3. Artist Proof medallions, including a customized Tux t and other painted/customized pieces will be up for offers as well



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