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MIB #79 is available!

Welcome September! On episode #79 of Mares in Black we discuss pay gates/subscriptions for hobby services and Stone Horses' Equilocity 2021! We also bring you news, Instagram in Progress, catch-up chatter and a couple of soapboxes for your listening pleasure! Listen here or subscribe!

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  1. News

  2. MIB

  3. Patreon

  4. One year anniversary! Huzzah!

  5. Breyer

  6. BF SR #

  7. 7 Arts Breakdown #

  8. TBT Pop the Cork

  9. Steph Triathlon record

  10. Stone

  11. Short EQ wrap up

  12. Equilocity AOTH2 winner

  13. AOTH2 SRs

  14. New Irish Cob sculpt by Rayvin Maddock

  15. Moonlight Madness

  16. Stone Ref Site going paid

  17. Copperfoxs

  18. Rose Hackney Pony

  19. Newsletter

  20. Other

  21. Brayermere Blog on hiatus

  22. Roan CGM Valentin by Hyn Patty

  23. CMG Boreas Westerly Design

  24. Model Horse Workshops

  25. Heather Bullach Oil Painting classes (international friendly times too)

  26. Equine Art Methke Oberon

  27. Cowgirl Mag MH collections feature

  28. Instagram

  29. Steph Blaylock

  30. Arabesque

  31. Maroon Bells

  32. Gesen Ponies and PRICES Benesque price

  33. Canyon Spring Studio

  34. Darleen Stoddard

  35. Animo Studio

  36. Unirainbow Studio

  37. Firehorse Designs

  38. PaintPony Studions

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