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MIB #88 for your listening pleasure!

On this episode of Mares in Black, we talk about legendary hobbyist and artist Elizabeth Bouras (who passed recently) and our other early hobby influencers. We also cover lots of model horse news, and Instagram. All interspersed with our usual non-sequitur babbling and plenty of tangents! Listen up here or subscribe at:

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  1. MIB

    1. Patreon

    2. March Madness winner! Shannondell!

    3. Resin show is sold out except for AA

      1. Charity

    1. NAMSHA

      1. NAN Swag Tote and shirts

      2. NAN Entrant giveaways

      3. Even number regional rep elections

    2. Breyer

      1. BreyerFest

        1. News interview with Kimber about BF

        2. Seminars and webinars at BF

        3. Best customs prize models

        4. Real horses at BF

        5. BF Childrens and Youth show

        6. Breakables registration and medallions

        7. Accessibility at BF

        8. BreyerFest Planning Guide

      2. Kingfisher Birds of a Feather CC release

      3. Cowboy Entrepreneur episode with Steph, Jaime and Kylee

      4. Hope horse of the year

    3. Stone

      1. Pics from Stone Country Fair

      2. Equilocity 2022

    4. Copperfox

      1. Orchid shipping

    5. HR TN

      1. New issues for Spring

      2. Havanese reissue

      3. Papa Unicorn

    6. Other

      1. Breyer Value Guide special

      2. CMGs by Eryn Schell

      3. HA bent leg safety stirrups

      4. Happy Camper Classic Live Show

      5. Kelly Sealy new website

  2. Instagram

    1. Chris Flint

    2. All figurative

    3. Break the Mold Studios

    4. KNC

    5. Brie Cundiff

    6. Gesenponies

    7. Kingston Studios

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