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MIB Newscast for 3rd Week of Jan!

In this edition, the Mares cover the usual topics of news, new releases and Instagram in Progress Spotlight, as well as a special painted Zephyr section and a discussion of FISH surgery! Episode #26 covers the 3rd week of January, 2020. Enjoy here!

Show Resources:


Copperfox: Color shifting winston mini? Winstons in differen colors

New releases


New Sculpture Releases

Painted Sculptures

Mindy Berg Appy Grasshopper

Georgia Padgett Svelte foal


Kingston Studio, Taylor Ouzts polo pony China

Kristian Beverly, 5 paws saddlery, Western bridle

Paw Prints Studio, Sarah Bowmn Parade set


Small Wonder Studio - Helen Vanos - Maxi cob

Instagram spotlight!

Illona Himmelman mini Valentin

Karen Zorn Micro Naut Conga

Blue Ribbon Studios - Lauren Ball-

Anne Field Saddleseat rider

Mel Miller hunter medallion

Doe Print Studio Tiffany Rufo Taylor micro

Helidoxia Studio, Hanna Tripp, CM nose

Aqua Models collecta Tinker

Divine Justice Eberl fjord custom

Special section: Zephyrs!

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