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MIB Weekly Newscast, Episode #25

Here's the newest weekly Mares in black newscast covering the all the model horse news across the hobby, including new releases and Instagram in progress spotlight! This week's show covers the the second week of January, 2020! Enjoy here!

Show Resources:



Pajama Day sale Copperfox: 2nd newsletter, 1st up is the Sport horse Happy 5th year anniversary to the HRCC reboot HRTN Brochure Free with SASECongrats to Laura Behning for winning the Mabel Owen Media Award or her body of work focusing on color in the breed for The Morgan Horse magazine.

New releases


Winx on Emerson body White Maned Ambrose variation

Resin Releases

Painted Resin Karen Zorn app Peasent Stomper

Zorn Dun Lucius

Button Almanzor

Rayvin Maddock Micronaut


Hannah Bear draft jumper (Bristol/Wyatt)

Lamati repaints

Chatto Studio deco


HR Golden Valentine Love Palomino with bendor spots for lottery


Sibericorn Studio draft harness with antlers

Natalie Merachova Bridle

Red Anima Fantasy Bridle


Myla Pearce Andalusian medallion

Enterprise props replacement disk stands

Blaylock NaMoPaiMo Medallion

Maire Dragon wing pad

Instagram spotlight!

Pair of allacorns by evan_bettas

Mink Bas relief Mawaris

Moriah Good Pierre

Bullach Anise DG Resin

Georgia Padgett Stone stock foal CM

Kroll Baby Yoda

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