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NaMoPaiMo is over, so chill with MIB #12--about NaMoPaiMo

We did it!!! Mares in Black number 12 is here. This episode covers the usual stuff like the the news, new releases and events but the focus is NaMoPaiMo and creator Jennifer Bray Buxton joins Heather on the mic as co-host of the podcast. Jenn and HMB talk about the NaMoPaiMo challenge from concept and creation to this year's high points and the future of the biggest model horse painting event in the world. You are a winner, so listen up here!



Resin Futurity

Guest Horses York Toy Fair

Stone 2019 - Theme - The search for the Holy Grail

Kelly’s book “Exploring the Model Horse Hobby”

Model Horse Place https://www.modelhorseplace.comBraymere

New Releases

OF plastic

BF SR Diana

Semi-Rearing Mustang test

Thunder, Denver Broncos Mascot

Artist Resin

Kelly Sealy Micro Mini Maxi Cob

Liesl Dalpe Levi Dockers

Mel Miller Equine art Ranch mare

Jen Olp Jolt Studios Roan pinto Levi Denim

Jenn Scott Aspen Leaf Studio Leonardo

Jenn Scott Aspen Leaf Tadpole

Jennifer Scott Aspen Leaf Studio chestnut MEM

Jennifer Danza Mini Tadpole

Jenn Scott Aspen Leaf Levi Denim

Meredith Warren Sale

KNC Equine Kristen Cermele Micro TB

Nikki Button Markab and Salabari Micro pegs

Mindy Berg Spruce Mountain Studio Micro Zebra and Lion


Amanda Brock Rogue Horse Studios Cassini:

Amanda Brock Rogue Horse Studios Mini Breyer DarwinCM

Kristen Cermele Darwin CM

Fabian Rodriguez Al Andalus Studio mini albi Okapi

Myrold mini Albi

Custom progress start to finish by Kirsten Taylor

Amanda Brock Custom Wintersong


KYG Westerly Design CG Red Roan Stormwatch

Tack and Props

Nichelle Jones Desktop Stables rainbow saddlebags

Anna Helt Dreamflight Design Western Pleasure saddle

Anna Helt Dreamflight Design MICRO english saddle


Karen Gerhardt plaque medallion pegasus (pterripi?)


Frida medallion by Christina Riley

Hobby Events


Candyland Live

Stone Country Fair - Mad about Plaid

BreyerFest - Theme - Horse Heros

Equilocity 2019 - Theme - The search for the Holy Grail

The Jennifer Show

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