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New Year, New MIB Format!

New for MIB in this year, the Mares introduce a new show format! This week is the first edition of the new podcast to air weekly covering the all the model horse news, new releases and Instagram in progress spotlight! Mares in Black will still do the show with all the components including focus topics, viewer mail, and events as well as the weekly content at least once a month. The inaugural show covers the the first week of January, 2020! Enjoy here!

Show Resources:

To get one HR TN brochure (no requests for multiples), send a long self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Kristina Lucas Francis Attn: HR TN Brochure 500 Cline Road Dandridge, TN 37725



Breyerfest: tickets are on sale, shows and workshops are open for registration Early Bird raffle model announced

Event Model is a gloss chestnut loose mane Bristol

Steph Blaylock designing paint for a premiere model


New releases


Resin Releases

Micronaut sold out in 8 minutes

Painted Resin


Horraw Studio custom Collecta

Desert Sun Studios Breyer Mini Whinnys

Mink Kingfisher custom Mink Rehabbed by Amanda

Angelica Nelson - Elk Horn Studio Appy Custom



Dreamflight Design finished Portuguese tack


Custom Piggy Christina Riley

Mel Miller Zephyr for Kylee medallion contest

Instagram spotlight!

Micro minis in progress by Mel Boynes (AUS)

Westwind Studio San Domingo in progress

Walnut Lane Studio/Cassandra K Knipp Maldanado

KNC Equine NaMoPaiMo horses

Cam Crow Geog head resculpt

Epona Rising Croi Terrepi

Divine Justice custom Duende

Kenzie Zephyr for Kylee’s contest

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