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Please help Paula and her kitty!

A guest post by Paula O' Keefe, sponsored by Christy Richardson

Welcome to my first FB auction! (please click to access the auction page on Facebook) Funds raised will go toward dental surgery for my senior kitty, Marissa, who needs a tooth removed and a day's stay with the vet. If we raise more than the cost of the surgery ($500) I will make a donation to our favorite local horse charity, Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

This is the first collaborative effort between Elizabeth Bouras and me! (I have no idea why, considering we've lived together for more than 30 years.) It consists of a micro-beaded Crow-style Native American costume by me (Red Desert Saddlery) and a G1 Stablemate slightly customized and repainted to a sorrel Appaloosa mare by Liz (Amarna Productions).

The regalia: Leather blanket and crupper with beadwork, handmade saddle (wood, epoxy, leather), full beaded breastcollar, beaded bridle with braided floss reins, leather drape. Girth buckle and mini bit by Rio Rondo. Beads are size 18-20, many are antique.

The horse: Nakina is a G1 SM Citation slightly remade (longer mane, swish tail, altered to mare), and painted to an extensive blanket Appaloosa by Elizabeth Bouras. Liz really needs no introduction as she has been producing winning models for decades, and I'm very grateful to her for adding her skills to this auction item.

Thank you for looking!

================================== TERMS:

Bids will be accepted until MIDNIGHT (East Coast time USA), SUNDAY, JANUARY 20TH. **VERY IMPORTANT** == Bids should be posted as COMMENTS TO THIS THREAD ONLY. PLEASE do NOT send bids to me through email or Messenger. Only bids posted to this thread will be counted. Comments should include the amount of your bid AND the exact time of your post (since Facebook does not timestamp posts accurately). I will post the current high bid every evening of the auction.

It is okay to just comment on the post without bidding, I will not count every comment as a bid.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Thank you! and Marissa thanks you too. 🐱 ===================================

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