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Schmoozing with the Steinkamps!

Huge apologies for this being so So SO delayed. The last few months have been extremely difficult personally, and the show got backburnered. Much of the info is at least a month out of date, but it's totally worth a listen for the awesome personalities Jane Steinkamp and her daughters, Melissa Steinkamp and Molly Bates. We had a ton of laughs and great conversation with them throughout the show so we didn't want to cut the show down to just the (amazing and wide-ranging) interview. Enjoy! It's one of our best and definitely the most fun! Thanks to These wonderful ladies!!! Listen up here!


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  1. News

    1. MIB

      1. Patreon

      2. Resin Renaissance restoration is open! Also RR raffle beneficiary looking for donations (donations so far from Laura Skillern, Steph Blaylock)

    2. NAMHSA

      1. NAN 2023 will not happen

    3. Breyer

      1. Workshops and show registrations are open for BreyerFest show: workshops:

      2. BF Volunteer opportunities

      3. Go Figure VC release

      4. Bolero CC release

      5. #TBT

    4. Stone

      1. Stone Country Fair

      2. Art of the Horse 2023

    5. Other

      1. DaBar is back!! For real!

      2. Micro and Venti Dartanian

      3. Karen Benson Tobiano clinic

      4. Q&A with Snowdrift Studios - Oil Painting for models

      5. International Model Tack Month starts in April

  2. Instagram in Progress

    1. Destrier Models

    2. HN Studios

    3. Jes Nighthawk

    4. Epic Fail Studios

    5. Westerly Studios (KYG)

    6. Field of Dolls

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