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Spice up your Tuesday with MIB #103!

On this episode of the Mares in Black, we are joined by the wonderful and talented Vincent Lange of DaVinci Creations, an established artist and hobbyist who hails from Germany! We talk with him about his career path, his model horse art and hobby, and his sculpting work for Schleich Toys! It's a super fun interview! We also have the usual news features, Instagram in Progress and plenty or tangents to go around! Listen up here!

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  1. MIB

  2. Resin Renn SOLD OUT only AA left


  4. Breyer

  5. Breyer seeks Managing editor for JAH

  6. Harley D zip inducted into AQHA HoF

  7. Shelby CC Exclusive

  8. Sparrow Birds of a Feather

  9. Sidewinder SM club release

  10. Eco-friendly packaging

  11. #TBT

  12. Kids show

  13. BF LE showcase

  14. Glossy Bravour

  15. Stone

  16. Equilocity/Art of the Horse

  17. SHCF Pics (Fran Kafka)

  18. Copperfox officially closes

  19. Other

  20. Model Horse University

  21. Amanda Brock CMing tutorials

  22. Vengeance rain needs your help

  23. Destrier Mini Bachuus

  24. Studio Thornrose Jacobus

  25. Beebe Farm fundraiser update

  26. Interview: Vincent Lange

  27. Instagram in Progress

  28. Zarzecka art

  29. Zebrastrepe

  30. Goldenrod Stables

  31. Lindsay Diamond

  32. Amanda Brock

  33. Kenzie W wedding toppers for Nate G

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