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SPOOPY TIME! Welcome October with MIB #80

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

So, to address the elephant in the room, we were planning a Hagen Renaker episode here to cover the closing of the company (ETA: HR California only, HR Tennessee remains open) and featuring news, our thoughts and an in depth talk with Kristina Lucas Francis of HRTN. However, she wanted to wait until she had more solid information and facts. We did not have time to retrofit the show so we cut all the HR content because it made no sense without her interview. We will address HR next episode from a collectors perspective and the KLF HR/HRTN show will be coming soon!

SO...episode 80 of Mares in Black features all the latest news on Breyer, Stone, Copperfox and lots of other September happenings. Besides tons of news, there is plenty of playful banter and Instagram in Progress! Listen up here or SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. MIB

  2. Patreon

  3. Photo show in the fall


  5. Regional News

  6. Breyer

  7. Breyerfest VIP 2nd chance sale

  8. Baruti

  9. EEK

  10. New Releases

  11. Chalky Winx

  12. National Fun Day

  13. Breyer wins 2021 Equine Industry Vision award

  14. Stone

  15. Live Q&A with Caroline Boydston

  16. Moonlight Madness

  17. Copperfox

  18. MacDougal and

  19. Other

  20. Brayermere Blog Subscriptions

  21. Jake Heaps, Break the Mold Studios Patreon

  22. Model Horse Workshop Ref photo library

  23. Bay Area Custom show and

  24. Stormy Strike, how to bathe a Breyer

  25. Stormy Strike Halloween Hootennany

  26. Field of Dolls Fall Photo Show

  27. OMHPS Photo shows!

  1. Instagram

  2. Lamati Repaints SM Croi Collection

  3. Nnomad Horses

  4. Jenn Danza

  5. Gesen Ponies

  6. Maple Leaf Studio

  7. Dreamflite Design

  8. Nasua Creation

  9. Outskirt Stables

  10. Rogue Horse Studio

  11. Billberry Bush

  12. Steph Blaylock

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