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Stampede on over to MIB ep. 9

As promised, MIB episode nine is ready for your listening pleasure. It's another extended episode so be ready! Enjoy new releases, Scottsdale Stampede coverage and a couple of GREAT interviews; a roundtable talk with some major hobby pioneers and a second gen current artist who started in the hobby as a teen! We had a great time talking with the legendary Kathleen Moody and Dave Barkovitz and Kim Jipson, the "bad boys" of DaBar. Later we interview equine artist and Breyer designer, Sommer Prosser! Thanks to Mel Miller Equine Art for sponsoring the show! (Oh and MIB swag is 20% through the new year!)

Show resources:



Wish and Wonder


Glossy Kodi

SMC Mirado

VC Pinto Pacer

PC Welsh Mare & Foal

New SMC Molds (scroll)

Out of the Blue

Carolyn Boydston Stone Best Offers

Hwesta Blanks

Blaylock Hwesta

Lada by Berg

D'Artanian by Button

Francisco by Button

Fidget by Button

Fidget by Berg

Guillermo by Button

Mini Albi by Berg

Mini Albi by Kroll

Mini Albi Unicorn by Blaylock

Mini Albi by Stoddard

Mini Albi by Riley

Mini Albi by D'arry

Magnolia Unicorn by Blaylock

Magnolia by Miller

Gustav CMG raffle for Horsing Around

Heritage by Bainbridge China

Trailblazer by HRTN

Abigail by Mink

Anna Helt Etsy Shop

Maggie new Micro Mini

KNC Etsy Shop

Button Calendar

Amanda Brock Etsy Store


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