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Stampede on over to MIB ep. 9

As promised, MIB episode nine is ready for your listening pleasure. It's another extended episode so be ready! Enjoy new releases, Scottsdale Stampede coverage and a couple of GREAT interviews; a roundtable talk with some major hobby pioneers and a second gen current artist who started in the hobby as a teen! We had a great time talking with the legendary Kathleen Moody and Dave Barkovitz and Kim Jipson, the "bad boys" of DaBar. Later we interview equine artist and Breyer designer, Sommer Prosser! Thanks to Mel Miller Equine Art for sponsoring the show! (Oh and MIB swag is 20% through the new year!)

Show resources:

New SMC Molds (scroll)

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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2018

Great podcast - and my daughter Emily says thanks for your nice comments about her Steampunk costume at Stampede!

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