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Sunday is for MIB Episode #110

This episode of Mares in Black, the Mares are joined by good friend and amazing artist, Stephanie Blaylock. Steph discusses her artistic and hobby journey, her current technique, what inspires her and designing for Breyer! There is also plenty of hobby news and Instagram in Progress! Listen up here.

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Gallery Alt text: Stephanie mentoring kids at show, Heather and Steph and the BreyerWest hobby table, four horses painted by Steph: Breyer SM TB mare and foal in bay pinto (foal by Mindy Berg), Breyer SM QH mate in chestnut, AR Auron in bay splash, Spinnaker resin in dun.


  1. MIB

    1. Patreon

    1. NAMHSA

      1. NAMHSA 2024, more info

    2. Breyer

      1. BreyerWest 2024

      2. BreyerWest SR

      3. WinterFest

      4. BreyerFest 2024 Against All Odds Celebration Horse

      5. Premiere Club 2024

      6. Stablemates Club

      7. Vintage Club

      8. Retired List

      9. Tests Run Classic

      10. Holiday Plush

      11. Holiday Blind Bags®-limited-edition-holiday-blind-bags

      12. Vail

      13. Codys’ Wish

    3. Stone

      1. Holiday Event

    4. HRTN

      1. Fellowship is back!

      2. HRTN is on Insta

    5. WIA

      1. Niklas

    6. Other

      1. HA Board Collie Trust Raffle

      2. Infinity Breyers Tack kits

      3. Seafoam

      4. Prepping 101 Tutorial

      5. International shipping in the hobby

      6. Fox Glory reads bad Breyer reviews on Amazon

      7. Zebrastrepe Studio

  2. Interview: Stephanie Blaylock

  3. Instagram in Progress

    1. Kristen Taylor

    2. Amanda Brock

    3. Djedarabian

    4. Heather Bullach

    5. Stephanie Blaylock

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