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TGIF! MIB Ep 11 is available!

Happy Friday! The Mares in Black money show is here! Besides the podcast's regular features, the Mares tackle money topics like insurance, inventory, estate planning, buying and selling and an interview with Jennifer Scott of Aspen Leaf Studio LLC about the professional side of money and product management. Listen up HERE!



Kristina Lucas Francis statement

Breakables judges lineup

TWO locations to pick up BF celebration horse

New NAN medallion at Super Cali

Maggie Bennett 3D sculpting time lapse

Braymere Pastel Pointers blog

New releases

BF Horse Pepper

BF Horse Quill

Breyer Web Series horse Muir Woods

Breyer Darwin by Sealy

SM club Fiero is up for sale

Vintage club Rockford Vintage cub pacer

Palomino Levi Dockers by Button

Backbeat Thunder by Brock “Sullivan”

Button Tadpole Trio

Mini Tadpole Conga

Gretch O’Neil Fidget

Button Micro Hazel

Berg Mini Hazel

Button Tiny Hawk

Ember by Spruce Mtn Berg Ember

Mini Kaladins dapple grey berg

Mel Miller Trezetter

Elkhorn Studio Anjelica Nelson Mini Magnolia CM

CM Sormy Donkey By Dare

CM Django to Holsteiner by Dare

Button-Brock Astor CM Collaboration

Cynthia Briley Mini Albi

Cynthia Briley CM Django

Malik by Stephanie Blaylock

Malik by Jennifer Danza,

CMG Worth the wait by Danza

KYG Bay CG Nymphenburg

Spruce Mountain Bas Relief foal medallion Loki

Collectibles Insurance

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