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Thanks to our Spooktacular Donors!

The Mares in Black want to thank all of our amazing artists who gave to the MIB Spooktacular Photo Show! They all went above and beyond with their AMAZING donations and we cannot say enough to express our gratitude.

The donations will be for show prizes, door prizes, raffles and special awards! Check out the amazing gallery below!!!

Our donors:

Mel Miller: Mel Miller Equine Art - "Valentine" Medallions

Anna Helt: Dreamflight Design - Mini bosal and mecate (SM size)

Ann Field: Field of Dolls - Mini food, cross country kit

Jo Heaps: Break the Mold Studios - Micro "Costello", "Snoot" medallion, "Tater"

Jenn Constantine: The Studio of Jenn Constantine - "Spook" skeleton unicorn stickers

Nikki Button: Realistic Equine Art by Nikki Button - "Tulip" medallion

Kathy Wood: Timber Trails Tack - Halloween themed blankets and saddle pads

Bre Ashkar - Digital ribbons for show placings

Dani Youdris: Savvy Appy Studios - MIB Minitaure rosettes, MIB Ribbon halters

Jamie Choe: Horse Models Galore - Saddle pads, ribbon halters

Danielle Dun: Mustang Girl Artworks - Medallion painting certificate ~$100

Holly Connor: Celtic Knot Creations - 3x Micro Mini "Trix" (western, english and regular) and obstacles

Maire Lanzafaine: Studio Maire - 5x Halloween themed saddle pads

Jennifer Danza: Healing Heart Art by Jennifer Danza - China medallion glazed and sculpted by Jennifer

Kari Husenica: Handcrafted by Kari - 3D printed prop prize package

Jennifer Buxton: NaMoPaiMo - "Michaelangelo" medallion

Jenn Scott and Jenn Buxton: The Jennifer Show - "Ruffle" and "Notch" medallions

Katie Langford: KLANG Illustration - 3x Glow in the dark mediallions "Cloaked"

Lynn Isenbarger: Horsie Mama - Handmade haversacks

Julie Matz - Rainbow Aborozo Painting

Gail Berg: Berg's Beads - Ghost Earrings

Megan Smith: M.Smith Equine - "Vulcan" ASB Medallion

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