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The International Hobby Part 1

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Finally after more than TWO MONTHS and having to shelve episode #20...the Mares in Black podcast is BACK! In the first part of a two part series on the international hobby and show scene the Mares cover Canada, Germany, Australia and the UK! We interview multiple people who are of natives of those countries as well as American expats and visitors about their impressions and experiences showing and collecting! Listen up here!

Show Resources:


BreyerDeluxe Collectors Club

Mindy article on props

All Russian Model Horse Show by Saar Studio/Jeanne Saar

Fire to Blue - Owlbrook Studios til in June 4 2020, auditioning now

Stone Moonlight Madness


Carissa Kirksey

Kylee Parks

Hanna Bear

Harroit/Devine Justice Studios

Cameron Clow


DeeJayBee Studions Unboxing on Horseback

MIB Lump unboxing

New releases

OF plastic

Shrinky Mini Whinnies

Nadifa Giraffe horse

Test chestnut Five Gaiter

Boo plush horse (sold out)

Pricilla SM club

Vintage Clube Mare and Nursing Foal Buckskin Pinto Lillian & Molly

Stone Little Horse Show Ponies

Unpainted Resin

Yana Danilova “Tina” SH mare

Maggie Bennett Micro ponies with wings

Painted Resin

Button Kaladin

Button Indy

Brock Freddy

Prosser Freddy

Gandera by dDa Vinci Studios

Sommer Prosser Dockers Levi and Tadpole

Mindy Micro Mini Madness

Dun Midget Micro


Pinto CMS with molded on blanket by Mindy Berg for Tegan Skaggs

Ollie, Dare PJ donkey

Black Hamilton CM by KLANG/Katie Langford

Morriah Voogd Bunny CM

Dee Jay Bee Studio Andy XM

Epona Rsisng Pegaus


Merl Dog by Meg Walker

Bainbridge Studio Fritz


Deconstructed Nataya Merachova Saddle

Helt making SM size walls

Donna Allen Ranch saddle


Zephyr by Kenzie/Bridletree studios for Tiffany Brite

Francyn Dare Shnauzdale

Medallions Tunnock, HobNob and Rusk by Capital Equestrian

Desktop Stables Dogbed

SMB cookie by Button

SMB the Call medallion

Instagram in progress spotlight!

Tammy Myrold CM Mare and Foal

Westwind Studio Dapple Grey SB SM

SAAR Studio Magnolia SM Custom

Blaylock Idocus

CS Richmond Catalina

Dino Blanket Infinity Breyers

Khrysalis Studios headless micro

Jenn Danza woodgrain 5 gaiter restoration

Bullach Anise

Brock Tail on Kaladin

Zoriada Tack, Amy

Tegan/Zebrastrepe Studios Zebras and Quagga

Kylee Parks Trick or Treat medallion

Divine Justice Studios/Harriotte

Jeane Saar, what is going on here?

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