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The Mares need a Youth Sensei, could it be you?

The Mares in Black Youth Contributor Position


The Mares in Black are looking for a “Youth Sensei” to become the third member of their podcast team! This position will encompass hosting a youth segment on the show, helping with social media content, and recording and editing video segments. The job will also include interviewing younger hobbyists and emerging artists as well as documenting hobby events such as BreyerFest and model horse shows and events (when they are safe to attend)!

Applicants should be “hobby immersed”, bright and funny, unintimidated by recording live and public speaking. They should have a good understanding video recording and editing as well as different social media platforms. Candidates should be on top of youth hobby trends and hobby influencers. A good grasp of writing and language are also desired.

This is and unpaid position but you get MIB SWAG and HOBBY FAME. :D

The Fine Print:

Podcasting: Mares in Black records a show 3+ times a month. The Youth Sensei will be expected to produce a youth segment for the show once a month and record the podcast with Mares for that show.

Social Media: Mares in Black currently have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord and YouTube channels. The Youth Sensei will be expected to help publishing to these channels, especially Instagram. MIB would like help with launching social channels on TikTok and other emerging media platforms.

Video Recording and Editing: The Mares are interested in a lot more content for their YouTube channel like unboxings, discussions of new models, events, games and subjects interesting to younger hobbyists. The youth sensei will be responsible for brainstorming youth content and recording and editing it for social channels.

Event Attendance: The Mares attend Breyerfest and other hobby events to report on the happenings and the Youth Sensei would assist the Mares in this, as well as help with interviews, contests and appearances. They will document their own segments and impressions of these gatherings for their younger audience.

How to Apply:

If you would like to be considered for the Youth Sensei Position with the Mares in Black Podcast, please email the following to


Age (ideally late teens to mid 20s):


What makes you a good fit for the MIB Youth Sensei position?

Why do you love the model horse hobby?

Who are your favorite hobby artisans and why?

What’s your favorite mold and why?

Pitch us and idea for a segment for our our podcast or for YouTube:

Thanks for your consideration!

Heather and Jackie

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