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The MIB Spooktacular Photo Show

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The Mares are having a photo show in October! Come Join the Fun!

Entry opens: September 15, 2020

Loading starts: October 1st, 2020

Stewarding begins: October 16th, 2020

Judging begins: October 21, 2020

Results: October 31, 2020, class winners announced on a Mares in Black Halloween LIVE STREAM Party!


  • Halter Judge: Anne Field

  • Performance Judges:

    • Consistency - Jackie Rossi

    • Specialist - Erin Corbett

  • Fun Judge: Cynthia Wyatt-Briley

  • Youth Judge: Stephanie Blaylock

  • Medallion Judge: Sandra Gibson


  • Handmade miniature rosettes by Dani Youdris for first and second and digital ribbon placings through 6th by Breanna Ashkar!

  • Division champs win an MIB swag pack, to include an MIB T-shirts, stickers, buttons etc! There are also handmade ribbon halters by Dani Youdris.

  • Lots of extra fun prizes and MIB swag as to spread the wealth!

  • All showers are entered in several raffles to win donated items by your favorite artists!

  • Donors include: Mel Miller Equine Art, Dreamflight Design, Field of Dolls, Break the Mold Studios, The Studio of Jenn Constantine, Realistic Equine Art by Nikki Button, Timber Trails Tack, Savvy Appy Studios, Horse Models Galore, Mustang Girl Artworks, Celtic Knot Creations, Studio Maire, Healing Heart Art by Jennifer Danza, Handcrafted by Kari, NaMoPaiMo, The Jennifer Show, KLANG Illustration, Horse Mama, Breanna Ashkar and Julie Matz!

Entry Fees: (PayPal to

  • MIB Patreon Members Flat Fee: $5.00

  • Listener Flat Fee: $12.00

  • Listener Modular Entry: $5.00 per division (medallion is a freebie with any other division fee)

  • Youth Only: $2.00

  • This show will be held on Facebook - MIB Spooktacular Photo Show Group. Once you pay you will get access!

  • Each class has title theme to inspire the entries for it. Do your best to interpret what that name means to you! There are no wrong answers if you are sincere

  • Judges will be looking for interpretation of the theme, imagination and quality of execution. Realistic backgrounds are not required.

  • In performance there are two tracks. One is Consistency for one horse to attempt ALL the classes (or as many as they want, completion is not a requirement), and consistency entries must note that they are campaigning for that track. The Specialist judge will only consider a different model per chosen class. The entrant can enter multiple horses in multiple classes but a specific horse can only show ONCE/ONE CLASS in the division.

  • Aside from winners being announced and shown on the live stream, the winner of each class will have their photo featured on the blog.

  • No class limits. Showers may enter as many pictures as they'd like, but individual models can only have one picture per class.

  • Photos will be self-loaded and will include horse name, breed, gender, owner initials and division (& performance track if necessary) in the title. Any documentation can be added in the comments.The Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo Show

  • Albums will go up for loading on October 1st!

  • Donations for fun prizes are welcome! email us at You will get a mention on the web page, social media and a shout out on the show!



  1. I’m so FANCY!

  2. Baybeees

  3. Feathers

  4. Working class

  5. Babysitter

  6. Oh yeah, EARS.

  7. Microscopic

  8. Fragilis

  9. Old but still LIT

  10. Your horse is weird, dude

Performance (2 tracks: Consistency & Specialist)

  1. Home on the Range

  2. Fly High

  3. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

  4. All Dressed Up

  5. Just Dance

  6. Strappy

  7. Action Park

  8. Stock Market

  9. Sliding Scale

  10. Drama Llama


  1. Look Ma, Photoshop!

  2. House pets

  3. Wildin’ Out

  4. Barn Love

  5. LOL

  6. Colorific

  7. Conga Bo Bonga

  8. Mares in Black



Youth classes (12 and under)


  2. Saddle Club

  3. Show Day

  4. Best Behavior

  5. Make a Mess

aaanddd “What a Relief!” (the medallion class(es)) - we will split this out based on entries!

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